Dear Students of The Lincoln University,

Hotep! I bring you peace.

With an open mind and an open door I welcome you to The Lincoln University where students, our customers, are our paramount concern. The Office of Dean of Students advances the University vision and mission by extending the learning environment beyond the classroom.  Ultimately, the goal of the Dean’s office at The Lincoln University
is to intentionally assist each student from transition week to graduation in finding the source within one’s self to establish and develop lifelong habits that serve one throughout life. With this in mind, we promote academic and personal development, community and social responsibility, and ethics and leadership.

More specifically, the Office of the Dean strives to provide quality programs and services to foster academic and social improvement.

The Office of the Dean embraces:
• the advocacy for students;
• the prevention and response to crisis;
• the education and consultation with students, faculty, and staff;
• and lastly, the engagement and support of students in acknowledging responsibility for
their choices.

The Dean of Students at The Lincoln University is available to guide students to resolve complex issues while providing resources for self awareness; however, it is the students’ responsibility to assume a significant role in developing and enforcing self governance, challenging yourself academically and socially while making effective choices.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal success in and out of the classroom. We expect you to take full advantage of every opportunity to enhance your experience at the university. Your Lincoln University experience should be dynamic, productive and successful. Thus, we encourage you to get involved in the various organizations and activities. These opportunities create balance and build character.

Furthermore, the Office of the Dean is committed to:
• fostering a supportive climate- caring and nurturing;
• integrating academics and student life;
• advocating for student success;
• establishing a community of learners;
• encouraging holistic development;
• enforcing standards of conduct;
• and lastly, promoting inclusiveness.

Also, I invite you to visit the other Lincoln websites where you can find additional information pertaining to our services and programs that can enrich your campus life.
If you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to visit or email or call:

Student Union
Building room 225, llee@lincoln.edu, or 484-365-7253.

Again, welcome to The Lincoln University-Lions’ Country. Let the Lion roar.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr Lee Signature
Lenetta Raysha Lee, Ph.D


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